DPIoT is the technology partner you need to help
build and manage your green and sustainable solutions

We are a supplier of enabling technology. We deliver the right IOT device infrastructure and platform with the right sensors, utilising 5G and Narrowband (NB-IOT) in combination with BLE 5 Bluetooth.

Use our solution to protect the environment
and for better smarter monitoring

Ocean solutions. Partner NXT Catch: DPIoT integrates IOT in advanced systems for tracking and retrieving equipment

We help you select the smart sensors and end-to-end IoT ecosystem that give you true value

Facility Management. Partner N3: DPIoT delivers sensors for indoor air quality and occupancy monitoring and task tracking

Remotely control whatever you need, track your assets, use geofencing and get alarm notifications in a secure cloud environment

Rental business. Partner EAGL : DPIoT delivers the IOT monitoring and remote control solution for electric vehicles

Our solutions are secure in every link and enable
critical devices in hospitals and nursing homes to be securely connected

Connectivity: Partner Digna Care : DPIoT delivers secure wireless BLE connectivity via NB-IOT gateways and device management.
We provide secure private APN access points in telecommunication networks in combination with Amazon Web Services.

Clever global GPS tracking, asset management, temperature and humidity control – whatever you need to sense or trace

Hardware and software for partner NLP : DPIoT has developed sensors for their intelligent EPAL pallets for transporting food


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Dynamic Precision, a well known EMS company in Scandinavia is a strategic partner. DP-IoT shares headquarter and office spaces with Dynamic-Precision, and the two companies has thus a powerful alliance with integrated services.

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DP-IoT is the R&D, design and production partner with Telenor IoT, a company that is covering the IoT needs of organizations of all sizes ranging from those with local needs to those with the world's most demanding international IoT deployments.

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Telia deliver industry-specific IoT solutions for speed to market as well as IoT connectivity options to suit your specific needs

IOT2MARKET is a marketplace where you can find players in the ecosystem that will create value for your business.

Nordic Semiconductor is a Norwegian fabless semiconductor company specializing in wireless communication technology that powers the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Quectel is a global supplier of cellular IoT modules and antennas

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U-blox is a leader in wireless communication and positioning technology.

About DP-IoT AS

DP-IoT AS was founded in 2019 based on several months of research, development and field testing of the emerging 5G Narrowband NB-IoT / LTE-M and Bluetooth BLE 5.x technologies. The company has created new solutions targeted for the Internet-of-Things domain. Since then, the company has more than doubled its turnover and customer base every year.

Our company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, where we also have a lab, engineering staff, and a co-location with DP Manufacturing. Our research & development department is located in our subsidiary in Gdansk, Poland.

Strategic partnership

DP-IoT has a strong partnership with Dynamic Precision – a leading EMS company in the Nordics, which also has strong sourcing, R&D and manufacturing capabilities in Norway, Sweden and Poland. Thus, the two companies enjoy shared office space. We facilitate manufacturing of prototypes, as well as small and large volumes, for all kinds of assemblies.

Our business and business model

DP-IoT offers a complete, flexible, end-to-end IoT ecosystem. The solution consists of sensor technology, a ready-to-use network, servers and applications. With our ecosystem, companies can trace, track, monitor and remotely control assets and processes in their solutions. The core of our technology is our Intrack multipurpose IoT edge controller with NB-IOT and BLE connectivity.

DP-IoT designs the ecosystem based on the customer’s specific needs. The company’s services range from R&D development to providing optimal IoT sensors and network solutions with edge computing. DPIOT is a white label company offering licensing of products and software. This enables our partners and customers to brand our technology.